Viracob-S Information, Usage and Dosage – By Dr. Vijay Kimtata

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This is Dr. Vijay, this time I have come up with Viracob-S Capsule from Alnavedic. Alna Biotech is the company at Barwala, Panchkula Haryana. They have come out with a new product, Viracob-S Capsule which improves fertility in men. It is a pack of 30 capsules with fantastic packaging done with golden foil.
This product is meant for fertility as it enhances spermatogenesis. It is useful where sperm count is not sufficient or sperms are not motile enough for fertilization. Viracob-S capsules from Alnavedic contain classical ayurvedic drugs like shukramatrika  vati , makardhwaj vati, pushpa khajur ,safed musli, chota gokhru, kaunch beej , kapikachu ,salam mishri talmakhana, badam, ashwagandha,Shatavari, garlic , putrajeevak ,shivlingi ,semal musli ,Trikatu .As per my knowledge, none of the products in India has got all these ingredients. I’m telling you this because we have added shukramatrika vati, makardhwaj vati ,pushpendra ras, a calculated combination of classical preparations.
Healthy sperms depend on your genotype and healthy sperms give rise to healthy offspring. A healthy child will be strong in body & wise in the brain and that is only possible if you have a healthy sperm count and good quality sperm. Shivlingi, Putarjivak Ashwagandha ,Shatavri ,salam panja ,safed musli is a very effective combination of drugs in increasing sperm count & quality. Aswagandha ,Gokshuru ,Dhanbyaj ras , Makardwaj vati,they stimulate  the scrotal cell of the scrotal pouch which help to secrete testosterone,  the masculine hormone.
Bodybuilders use Ashwagandha and gokshru only to increase the testosterone levels in the body. It also decreases the stress levels in the mind, calms it for better concentration.
DOSAGE: The capsule is to be taken with lukewarm water or warm milk before bed.
It contains  30 capsules, It is a proprietary medicine manufactured by Alna biotech private limited.  I came across lots of products from alna biotech with definite results in many patients. This capsule has the power of 19 herbs in which  3 are classical herbs. Individually they are used to increase the sperm count, stamina, vigour not only the sexual but overall with testosterone release it helps enhance masculine characteristics.
Viracob-S capsule is the capsule of choice for young age men who are married and who want to attain good sperms count, proper erection, libido with stamina, energy, and whole day working stamina. This is the best product we can have in the market online no other company matches this combination. Use it to believe it. Use it once it is very useful for the future of coming generations.
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