Viracob as Ultimate Fix against Seminal Issues

Viracob as Ultimate Fix against Seminal Issues


Have you ever seen a man confess openly about issues related to reproductive health? I bet you haven’t men find it hard to accept flaws and weaknesses in something that they are supposed to be good at. This is what brings us to the topic of the hour and the role of a supplement called Viracob in kicking it in the crib.

Men face a slew of issues when it comes to vigor, reproductive health, sexual performance, and even seminal health. However, for now we shall be talking about the seminal health and how the concerns have multiplied during the lockdown and the post-covid era with stress levels at their all-time high.

Seminal Issues Deciphered

When it comes to talking about seminal issues, it is better to explore every aspect in detail. The first major problem has to be semen leakage, which is often termed as nightfall by men. During seminal leakage, semen automatically discharges without any kind of actual stimulation. The sweeping out of the whitish fluid inadvertently releases sperm and is often attributed to shoddy sexual performances.

Sperm leakage, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the conscious mind. This issue can also surface while an individual is urinating or asleep and is often a result of a deep-seated health issue.

However, before we start following a strict Viracob or even any healthcare regime, it is important to pinpoint the causes of the semen leakage, which is also the most widespread seminal issue around. From a rather unbiased perspective, semen leakage can be due to stress, which kills off the control that your body has on ejaculation.

In most cases, quick semen released during sexual arousal is one of the major precedents of this issue. However, semen leakage can also occur post ejalculation when the brain cannot cut off the process and the semen, without significant sperm count, keeps getting released, in smaller quantities.

It is important to note that semen leakage can also be pre-ejaculatory in nature. However, this phenomenon is often regarded as precum and can also lead to issues related to unplanned pregnancies. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Besides premature ejaculation before, during, or after arousal or intercourse, seminal discharge can also occur while a person is sleeping or urinating. While the first case stems out of weak mental control and aroused subconscious, semen leakage during urination is often a result of an STI or ‘Sexually Transmitted Infection’.


What is Prostatitis?

Now that we have covered the more indirect aspects of seminal leakage, it is important to talk a fair bit about Prostatitis; a condition that is strictly health-specific and concerns the sudden swelling up of the important prostate gland, which resides between the penis and bladder, As the prostate is in charge of producing semen, it getting swelled up can cause a wide range of direct and indirect issues, including sudden discharge, painful and frequent urination, pain in lower back and genitals, and feverish, flu-like developments.


What about brain health?

What some people fail to understand is that brain health has a role to play when seminal issues or the lack thereof are concerned. As the nervous system controls every aspect of the body, including ejaculation, any injury sustained by the nervous system, in general, can dent the reproductive health, leading to faster ejaculation or even uncontrollable seminal discharge.

On top of that, major issues like prostate cancer and continued exposure to medicative healthcare strategies can also worsen conditions associated with seminal problems.

How can Viracob Help?

The problems related to seminal discharge also lead to tension between couples and reduced sexual vigor. However, regular consumption of Viracob might help in this regard, courtesy of the presence of Shukramatrika Vati, which is one of the tried and tested medications for treating urinary and seminal problems.

The best thing about Shukramatrika Vati present in Viracob is that it actually does a lot more than stemming the uncontrolled discharge. Instead, it even focuses on enhancing conception by enhancing the overall quality of the sperm.

On top of that, Shukramatrika Vati can also be segregated into other relevant ingredients like Gokshura Beej, Jeeraka, Parad, Anar Dana, Triphala, Rasunt, and more, which play a major role in taking care of sexual debility and sperm loss, which indirectly play a major role in fixing vigor-related issues.

Benefits of Viracob in Treating Seminal Issues

Viracob, and the ample presence of Shukramatrika Vati doesn’t only target the seminal issues but also lets you nip the issues in the bud by acting as a resource against diabetes, urinary calculi, and dysuria. Also, it even enhances your overall health-specific and sexual immunity, quite significantly.


For viracob to have the desired effects in treating seminal issues and other conditions related to human reproductive problems, you need to be consistent with the dosage. And yes, the food habits need to be fixed upon consulting an experienced physician and Viracob works best when used with a strict yet productive dietary regime.


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