The Tried and Tested Role of Viracob is Treating Erectile Dysfunction, once and for all

For men, erectile dysfunction is arguably the worst thing ever. While it is often bested by seminal discharge as one of the reproductive issues, ED is the actual reason why many men suffer from performance issues and lack of sexual vigor.

Put simply, erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep up the erection during sexual intercourse and is often followed by premature ejaculation. What most people fail to realize is that ED, despite being a catastrophic confidence breaker, is quite a natural and common problem, mostly with an underlying health condition furthering the extent of the same.

What Leads to Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we discuss at length about the treatment procedures, it is important to understand what instigates ED and which areas of the body require attention if we are to get rid of this issue, naturally. Firstly, it is the nervous system that needs our attention as the brain controls sexual behavior. Apart from that, you should also focus on the state the endocrine and vascular system are in, as reduced blood flow is one of the primary effects of erectile dysfunction.

While issues related to these bodily systems fall under the broader purview of the same, there are a lot of secondary factors which contribute towards the development of erectile dysfunction. These include Type-2 diabetes, kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, prostate inflammation, bladder cancer, and more.

Also, as per research, diabetic men are 66% more prone to developing issues related to ED, as diabetes is directly related to urologic and sexual issues.

Other Relevant Reasons that can Aggravate ED

If you have been on a medication plan for long, especially the ones that are meant to treat blood pressure, hypertension, ulcers, anxiety, excessive appetite, and prostate cancer, the body might find it hard to persist with an erection.

Besides that, emotional and even physiological factors can worsen the existing ED prognosis. Anxiety, higher levels of stress, depression, lower self esteem, sexual stress, and other factors do contribute towards the development and worsening of erectile dysfunction. Finally, if you consume alcohol regularly or smoke a lot, ED isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Instead, it would only aggravate.

Also, to take a combative stance towards ED, you need to ensure a few lifestyle changes that concern staying away from drugs, increasing physical activity, and keeping the weight gain in check.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction- The Long Term Perspective?

The quick answer would be to find a good doctor. While this seems like quite a reliable option to get the desired treatment, not many men in the country are willing to talk at length about the issues. For them, there is Viracob; a potent supplement comprising pushpadhanva ras and makardhwaj vati in adequate quantities to make ED disappear.

However, how it goes about the same is a different and a detailed matter altogether and is something that we shall be discussing in the subsequent sections.

The Role of Pushpadhanva Ras

For those who are unaware of how pushpadhanva ras works, it is simply an ayurvedic resource to help with sexual issues. While its role in treating erectile dysfunction is validated by numerous happy users, this element is also instrumental in improving libido, sexual stamina, sperm count, testosterone levels, and the nature of ejaculation.

When it comes to working in association with other components, Viracob ensures that capsules feature pushpadhanva ras in the requisite proportions, thereby making it easier to administer it for a longer period. However, before you start consuming Viracob for exploring the benefits of pushpadhanva ras, it is advisable to consult a physician.

Coming to the other components associated with pushpadhanva ras, there is Haraja, Vanga Bhamsa, Shalmali juice extract, and Nagavalli juice extract for showcasing the desired effects.

The Role of Makardhwaj Vati

Along with the Pushpadhanva Ras, Makardhwaj Vati plays a major role in treating a wide range of sexual issues and other factors concerning impotence. Also for those who are unaware about how Makardhwaj Vati works, it is also an ayurvedic formulation with known rejuvenative and aphrodisiac-like effects.

Coming to the phyto-chemical composition of the same, Makardhwaj Vati is made of Kasturi, Paan Swara, Jaiphal, Kali Mirch, and other ingredients, which are impactful enough when it comes to remediating a wide range of sexual disorders, pertaining to men.

From Viracob’s perspective, Makardhwaj Vati works hand-in-hand with the likes of Shatavari and Ashwagandha to exhibit a combined effect to target erectile dysfunction. But that’s not the end of the road for Viracob.

The extended ingredient list also facilitates proper cardiac functioning and even relieves the body of stress and higher anxiety levels, which are the primary factors leading to seminal issues. Still, before you start supplementing with Viracob, it is important to consult a doctor and cross-check the dosage and usage patterns before going ahead with the consumption.


The best thing about Viracob as a supplement is that it doesn’t only mitigate the effects of erectile dysfunction but also promises continuous protection against other sexual problems in men. And it doesn’t deflect from being an organic and ayurvedic formulation, which keeps side effects at a fair distance.

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