Substantiated Cognitive Benefits of Shilajit: Are the Results as Pronounced as Companies Market them to be?

If you are looking for a high-end supplement for brain health, there is hardly anything better than Shilajit, period! Now that we have established the premise, it is important to validate the same with pointers, studies, and relevant findings. Also, in this discussion, we shall leave any kind of verbosity out by avoiding a detailed description of this magic compound. Still, it goes without saying that this brownish-black, resinous substance is derived from the Himalayan laps, which makes it important for the manufacturers to focus on cent-percent purity as only then it would be possible for you to get the best cognitive results out of it.

But what actually makes Shilajit a potent cognitive supplement in the first place? Well, the credit goes to Fulvic Acid, a substance that is more than abundant in Shilajit and plays a major role in enhancing the mental health of the user.

Shilajit as a Stress Buster

Before we start talking about how effective Shilajit is in terms of enhancing mental health, memory, and other cognitive abilities, it is vital to talk about this magic supplement as a stress buster. Stress is arguably the most thwarting agent when maintaining cognitive health is concerned. Besides damaging psychological functioning, stress also leads to premature aging and inflammation.

The presence of ‘Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones’ in Shilajit along with Fulvic Acid, ensures that you can efficiently limit stress and even make the most of the existing energy reserves. Plus, Shilajit comes across as an apoptogenic product that ensures that your body adapts to stress and doesn’t end up releasing cortisol or inhibiting adrenaline production. Therefore, once you make stress a commonplace, almost nothing ends up affecting your sleeping cycle and your cognitive functions aren’t even interfered with.

Also, if you want us to build on this benefit, it would be safe to say that Shilajit even works as a potent resource against depression, which is more a sense of emptiness that plummets an individual into the abyss.

Shilajit for Cognitive Development

Now that we have established the fact that Shilajit takes care of anxiety and stress, it is appropriate to move to cognitive development and how Fulvic Acid takes this benefit into consideration. Firstly, Shilajit is one product that comes across as a top-notch neuroprotective agent, bestowed with antioxidants to propel cognitive stimulation and even minimize the signs of aging.

On regular and consistent consumption, you readily increase your chances of whetting alertness and mental capabilities. Also, Shilajit has a validated role to play when it comes to enhancing memory.

Shilajit for All-Round Mental Health

In addition to taking an anti-stress stance and even adding to the cognitive health, Shilajit doesn’t limit itself to the basic functionalities. Instead, it is one of the more inclusive supplements that take care of your mood, whilst elevating it at every given time. Plus, Fulvic Acid present in Shilajit also works against psychosomatic disorders, which ensures that your sleep patterns are never interfered with.

But that’s not even the best part. Regular Shilajit usage handles emotional tension, stress, and irritation in the best possible way. With stress and other mental issues taken care of, the learning, focusing, and concentrating skills increase multifold, which is a great reason to invest in the purest form of Shilajit.

How about a More Scientific Perspective?

Despite the all-encompassing presence of Shilajit as a cognitive health enhancer, there are certain scientific bits to substantiate the same. Fulvic Acid, present in Shilajit, avoids excessive accumulation of tau protein, which is otherwise necessary for brain functioning but certainly not in an accumulated form. Shilajit takes care of tau deposits and ensures that your brain cells are always in top-notch condition.


Once the tau buildup can be controlled, it becomes possible to keep brain-specific ailments like Alzheimer’s Disease out of the picture.


Can Shilajit be used to Treat Issues relevant to Mental Health?

Yes, you can even consider Shilajit to treat a broken system, afflicted with the likes of cerebral edema or even dementia for that matter. These conditions result in a lack of coordination, and disoriented mental and physical behavior, something that isn’t in line with standard cognitive expectations.

Supplementing regularly with Shilajit ensures that you can get rid of the excessive toxin buildup near the brain cells, thereby building a strong cognitive response despite being ill.


Based on facts, reports, and studies conducted on humans and rates, it can be inferred that Shilajit is a potent and impactful cognitive health builder that takes time to show effects. While it starts proceedings by first getting rid of stress and tau protein buildup, it eventually leads to better focus and concentration by working directly to make the brain cells work at their optimum levels.

But then, for these effects to show, you must only consider the purest form of bottled Shilajit and not simply capsules. Once you have top-grade Shilajit with you, it is important to be regular and consistent with the usage to reap the myriad benefits of the same.




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