Shilajit : Gateway for Good Immune System

Shilajit: Gateway for Good Immune System

The importance of having a good immune system cannot be undermined. Especially lately, the most important determinant in maintaining the best health has been ‘immunity’. As long as your immunity is strong, you remain healthy and fit.  But if it stops working properly or becomes weak, then you get ill.

The concerns related to immunity have become most important to discuss in the current times. Due to the periodic outbreaks of highly contagious and infectious diseases like Covid 19, SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome, etc., affecting more than three million cases in the world, one of the most powerful ways to save yourself from the clutches of serious and fatal diseases is to put your baits upon improving immunity.

Though there are many types of immunity boosters available in the market, the most ideal and recommended way to enhance your immunity is through the consumption of pure and natural Shilajit. Here, we will tell you how.

What happens when you have a compromised immunity?

Before we introduce you to the incredible and numerous benefits of Shilajit, especially on augmenting immunity, you must be aware of what happens when you have low immunity.

Due to the high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar, low fiber diet, absence of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and a sedentary lifestyle, many individuals are found to have much lower vitamins and micronutrients than what their body needs for maintaining optimal immune function.

A weakened immune system means frequent sickness, inability to fight serious diseases like cancer and hepatitis, autoimmune disorders, multiple organ inflammation, blood disorders, growth and development issues, and more. These symptoms range from mild to severe.

Why do you need shilajit to enhance immunity?

Our immunity can be increased or decreased, by altering our lifestyle and consuming an immunity-rich diet. But many times, even after regularly including immunity-boosting food to the meals, it falls insufficient and does not match the body requirement. This is when natural and organic supplements such as Shilajit are needed.

Though there are infinite health benefits of Shilajit such as raising strength, cognitive benefits, infertility, Shilajit’s immune system benefits are dominating the rest. Recently, people have been talking largely about Shilajit and its advantages. The people who have already tried this health-enhancing supplement have vouched for its enormous benefits.

Shilajit contains more than 84 minerals and hence, offers abundant health benefits. On one side, it acts as an antioxidant that plays a critical role in improving your body’s immunity and on the other hand, as an anti-inflammatory and energy booster to keep you in the best health to fight several existing medical conditions.

Shilajit benefits from raising immunity

Here, we jot down how Shilajit helps to enhance immunity.

  • Fulvic acid

As per NCBI, Shilajit is composed of humic substances such as fulvic acid and some oligo-elements like selenium. It is believed that the curative properties of shilajit are due to the high levels of fulvic acids as it is known for its strong antioxidant actions.

  • Natural substance

Shilajit occurs naturally as a plant in the rocks of the Himalayan range. It is loaded with vitamins, ionic minerals, and many more natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. It is one of the best organic remedies that support your immune system.

  • Vitamins and minerals

As mentioned earlier, if you need a healthy immune system, your body must match the requirement of vitamins and nutrients. Even a small amount of Alna Shudh Shilajit can help to strengthen your immune system and fight inflammation. It will do its best in preventing you from falling ill. Even if you are ill, taking Shilajit helps to fight the disease and helps you recover faster.

  • Zinc, copper, and manganese

Other than the essential nutrients mentioned above, Shilajit also contains zinc, copper, manganese, as well as iron. These minerals enhance the function of the crucial enzymes such as Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, and Glutathione, and keeps the bugs, germs, and stress away.

  • Antiviral

Shilajit has natural antiviral properties and can kill viruses.

  • Natural immunomodulator

As a natural immunomodulator, Shilajit can regulate the immune system, stimulate it, and increase its function too. At the same time, if your immune system is overactive, then it helps to tone down its activity and strike a great balance.

  • Raises Bioavailability of other immune-boosting substances

One of the other ways Shilajit supporting the immune system is by growing the bioavailability of other supplements and essentials. It helps your body to better absorb the nutrients and allow them to work more effectively and improve overall health.

Wrapping up

Now that you know about several Shilajit benefits on the immune system, when are you going to try it? Shilajit will be an excellent addition to your daily routine and will help you achieve immaculate health.

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