Shilajit best benefit: Muscle building

Building muscles and flaunting a robust body is the dream of many. The people toil a lot in the gym and continue to drive their efforts towards building muscles. Most workout enthusiasts also take supplements and steroids to achieve their goals in a fast manner. But the detrimental effects of certain supplements and steroids cannot […]

Shilajit : Gateway for Good Immune System

Shilajit: Gateway for Good Immune System The importance of having a good immune system cannot be undermined. Especially lately, the most important determinant in maintaining the best health has been ‘immunity’. As long as your immunity is strong, you remain healthy and fit.  But if it stops working properly or becomes weak, then you get […]

Curing Infertility: Try the most efficacious method – Shilajit!

Out of the wide ambit of the most known and potent benefits of Shilajit such as boosting energy and bone health, relieving stress and anxiety, improving good skin and conditions like arthritis, one of the most vital advantages of Shilajit is curing infertility! If you study the data published by NCBI or National Center for […]

Do you often feel Low on Energy and Drive? Here is how Alna Shudh Shilajit can Help

Have you lately been feeling a tag lethargic across the day or even hours prior to the workout? Well, you can always gulp down pre-workout to address the second issue but staying charged throughout the day needs a different approach altogether. For those who have tried almost everything, including standard multivitamin tablets, creatine, and more, […]

Shilajit as a joint pain reliever: Research Backed Insights

If you have ever come across a sticky, resinous substance in a bottle tagged as Shilajit, you might just be in luck. For, you have just discovered a sure shot method to get rid of the recurring joint pain, something that might have been bothering you for quite a while now. But then, equating Shilajit […]

What Qualifies Shilajit as a Miracle Drug for Diabetic Patients?

Amid a diverse array of benefits offered by Shilajit, a forthcoming, blackish, and resinous substance, its role in treating diabetes takes center stage. Although a majority of claims were made as per anecdotal reports, Shilajit’s role in treating this highly specific condition does have more concrete pieces of evidence behind it. What makes Shilajit good […]

Viracob-S Information, Usage and Dosage – By Dr. Vijay Kimtata

Hello friends, This is Dr. Vijay, this time I have come up with Viracob-S Capsule from Alnavedic. Alna Biotech is the company at Barwala, Panchkula Haryana. They have come out with a new product, Viracob-S Capsule which improves fertility in men. It is a pack of 30 capsules with fantastic packaging done with golden foil. […]