Shilajit as a joint pain reliever: Research Backed Insights

If you have ever come across a sticky, resinous substance in a bottle tagged as Shilajit, you might just be in luck. For, you have just discovered a sure shot method to get rid of the recurring joint pain, something that might have been bothering you for quite a while now. But then, equating Shilajit […]

What Qualifies Shilajit as a Miracle Drug for Diabetic Patients?

Amid a diverse array of benefits offered by Shilajit, a forthcoming, blackish, and resinous substance, its role in treating diabetes takes center stage. Although a majority of claims were made as per anecdotal reports, Shilajit’s role in treating this highly specific condition does have more concrete pieces of evidence behind it. What makes Shilajit good […]

Viracob-S Information, Usage and Dosage – By Dr. Vijay Kimtata

Hello friends,   This is Dr. Vijay, this time I have come up with Viracob-S Capsule from Alnavedic. Alna Biotech is the company at Barwala, Panchkula Haryana. They have come out with a new product, Viracob-S Capsule which improves fertility in men. It is a pack of 30 capsules with fantastic packaging done with golden […]