About Us

HimShilajit is a subsidiary under AlnaVedic a division of Alna Biotech Private Limited

Alna Vedic is an ayurvedic company that follows best Ayurveda principles and the advanced medicines techniques mentioned in traditional Ayurvedic text like Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia, Bhav Prakash Nighantu, Charak Samhita, Ratanvalli, and Materia Medica. We pride ourselves in manufacturing ayurvedic medicines and products implementing modern herbal manufacturing methods. Our expertise is to infuse ancient ayurvedic science with modernity. 


Achieving Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business. We aim to provide products & services of the highest quality and ensure profitable and constant growth. We manage our operations with giving great concerns for safety and the environment. We Practice dignity and equity among ourselves and provide opportunities for our people to realize their potentiality and work on it. State of the art manufacturing facilities situated at vast approved Industrial Estate of HSIIDC Barwala-Panchkula (Haryana) has earned it GMP, CRISIL, ISO, FSSAI, and AYUSH certifications. A fully integrated infrastructure, including a germ-free and spacious storage unit for storing drugs after manufacturing

Unique Method of Manufacturing

1. Raw material/ Extracts/oils used are procured from validated vendor/ supplier.
2. COA of each Raw material is prepared & kept as reference to standard future supplies.
3. Raw materials stored in proper good condition. Quality control tests each & approved raw material labeled.
4. Rejected material return back to supplier/vendor.
5. Dispensing followed as per approve FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
6. Manufacturing method adopted as per SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) & first batch validation.
7. Intermediate bulk tested for basic parameters.
8. Soon after QC (Quality control) approval bulk transfer to filling & packing section.
9. IPQA checks all the legal metrology, PCRO (Packing Commodity Regulatory Organization) & weight & measurement parameters & batch no., Mfg. date, Expiry Date with MRP is allotted.
10. Control sampling is done for future reference & records.
11. Finished goods ready for dispatch.